It’s the ache that fills every crevice of me

It’s the constant writhing of the dragons in my tummy

It’s the checking of this email every 20 minutes for the last few weeks

It’s the waking up I’m the morning and my first thought being about you

It’s the not being able to go to sleep because I’m wondering if you’re thinking about me

It’s the sorrow of knowing you are thinking about the end 

It’s the anger at the universe for its fucked up sense of humor

But it isn’t just those things

It’s the heart slipping a beat when I get a new message from you

It’s the smile on my face when I *know* you’ve been thinking about me

It’s the amazing fact that I not only had a dream, but a fucking amazing one about you

It’s the growl of your name tumbling from my lips

It’s the excitement I get when you talk about the was I make you feel

It’s the swelling of my heart when I know you feel down and I wish nothing more than to be there for you to hold you

It’s the warm feeling I get every time I think about you which is all the time

It’s the curiosity of how exactly I came love you, but acceptance of it