Like most
There are many parts
To who I am
(and this is hard to admit)
Aren’t so bad
Those are the parts
Filled with far too much
Those are the parts
That volunteer
That buys a sandwich
For the homeless guy on the corner
That would give my life
To save another
But that’s only half the story
If even that
There’s the other side
Forged from a life
That’s shouldn’t have been lived
Just below my skin
It is filled
With wrath and rage
An anger
That’s hard to control
It scratches and digs
Trying to get out
This is the side
That wants to hurt
Those it thinks deserve
It wants to punish
To pull flesh from bone
To set fire
And watch it all burn
These two sides
They constantly battle
Tearing me apart
Ripping me
From the inside out
This battle
Well never have a winner
It is a battle
That can never be won