Her Love Drowns Me


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​This love
feels like the crashing waves
at the bottom of a cliff
I stand at the edge
every day looking down
and every night I leap
knowing that I’ll drown
Knowing that tomorrow
I’ll somehow survive

I know this cycle
over… and over again
I can’t help myself
the lure of the tide
crushing down
breaking me
I can’t help myself
I (am in) love (with) her
And I know (hope)
she loves me
in her own way

So here I am
standing again
on this cliff
over looking the sea
I’m in love with her
so I’ll jump once again
and drown once more
just to feel her love
for me.

Open Eyes, Closed


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​Are my eyes opening
Or are they closing
Am I waking up
Or slipping
    into a nightmare
Both feel real
Both feel fake
I can’t tell anymore
This reality
This nightmare
They both
    taste the same

Wake me up
Let me dream
Fix me
Break me
Tell me I’m ok
Scream at me
    that I’m insane

Let me breathe
Suffocate me
Some how I think
I won’t notice
Any difference
    in between

If my eyes are open
When will they close
And if they’re closed
Will they ever
    open up again 



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Perspective is such
    a funny thing
She thought I ran
Never looking back
I thought she pushed
Needing me gone

We were both wrong
And neither knew

The earth just split
And ripped is apart

Life just happened
And hurled us away

It doesn’t matter
The results are the same

All I know
Is that here I stand
Cold and alone
At oceans edge
Looking for messages
In bottles that never come